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Attendance Guidelines

Lac du Bonnet Senior School Attendance

At Lac du Bonnet Senior School, we believe that school success is highly correlated to student attendance. The core of our education programs occurs in the classroom with our skilled teachers. Many valuable educational opportunities such as direct instruction, explanation, clarification, questioning, discussion, assessment and group tasks can only be experienced when students are present in the classroom. As such, students should be present in the classroom each and every day.

Students will be marked present when they are;

  • In attendance in the regular classroom.
  • At school participating in a school activity or event.
  • Away from school on a school sanctioned field trip.


Students will be marked absent any time they are not in the classroom, regardless of the reason for the absence (not withstanding the above). There are a variety of reasons that students may be absent from school. It is the student’s responsibility to complete missed work.

Decisions regarding a student’s attendance at school are made at home between the parents/guardians and the student. However when making decisions regarding attendance, families need to realize that a teacher’s time is limited, and the majority of their time and support will be directed at students who are in class or who attend class regularly. At times, students who are absent may require additional help from their teacher to complete work that has been missed. Priority will be given as follows:

  1. Students who miss class due to school activities, events or trips and students who miss class due to illness, medical appointments or illness or death in the family.
  2. Students who miss school for family activities or vacations, outside of school activities.
  3. Students who miss school without parental consent (skip class) should expect no additional support from the classroom teacher.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Attend all classes
  • Inform teachers and office of upcoming absences
  • Catch up on missing work when not in attendance in class (in a reasonable amount of time)


Teachers Responsibilities

  • Communicate with students expectations regarding attendance. (On-going)
  • Complete electronic attendance in a timely fashion so automated phone calls can be made to student’s homes
  • Communicate with parents when attendance is having an impact on student achievement (in a timely fashion)


Parent’s Responsibilities

  • Ensure students are in regular attendance at school
  • Communicate with the school when students are going to be absent
  • Make sound decisions and understand consequences of not having students in attendance at school.