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About Our School

Lac du Bonnet Senior School​
​​​-Striving for Excellence!-

​Lac du Bonnet Senior School enrolls approximately 200 students from Grade 7-12.  Staff have a genuine care and concern for students and strive to maintain a safe and respectful environment.

School Goals

​LdBSS has three main goals with focus on providing a strong foundation of literacy, numeracy and 21st Century Skills.  21st Century Skills include the 4C's (creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking), as well as citizenship and technology.  For a copy of our school goals, please contact Ms. Stevenson.


We have departmentalized many of our course areas.  These collaborative efforts help in many ways, but the biggest factor is an improvement in 'vertical alignment', which helps us evaluate and improve on a systems approach that enables us to focus on a consistent learning plan from Grade 7-12.​

Numeracy:  We offer all traditional math courses at each grade level, including Intro to Applied/PreCal, Essentials, Applied, and PreCal.  We also fund and support those students that wish to take Calculus through Distance Education.  
- Back to Basics:  Students work on basic Math Facts at the beginning of each class (5-10 min) in all courses/grades.
- Practice, Practice, Practice:  We have a KUTA software program that allows us to create numerous worksheets to help students meet specific outcomes.


Literacy: In Grade 9, all students take Reading is Thinking to help ensure students have the foundation reading and comprehension skills to enable success in high school. We also offer English Language Arts: Literary Forms in Grade 12. The intent of this course is to prepare students for writing papers and essays in post-secondary pursuits.

-Classroom Libraries: Each Middle Years classroom and all English Language Arts classrooms are equipped with classroom libraries with different genres and levels of books. Research indicates that having books of interest readily available improves overall interest and skill in reading.  ​These classroom libraries also have comfortable lounging chairs for reading. This initiative had made a noticable difference in 'reading for fun' at LdBSS.

Science - We offer Biology, Physics and Chemistry in Grades 11 and 12.  

Physical Education - LdBSS has a strong history in PE/Health, and athletics in general.  We have a full workout gym with free weights and machines that is used for PE/Health, team training, and individual training. 

Motosport/Woods:  We have two fully functioning Voc Ed areas with the latest machines and tools.  Our Motosport Program is unique and cutting edge. This is a practical, project-based course that allows students to work on engines, learn welds, make unique bikes, work on old Jeeps, and stretch golf carts.  Students often meet outcomes by working on their own power toboggans, dirt bikes or unique projects.​​

The Unique and Arts

21st Century Skills​: We try to embed the 4C's (creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication) into all classes.  We also try to embed citizenship and digital literacy.  

​Drama: LdBSS has a strong history in Drama.  Our theatre is named the Augustine-Klassen theatre to honour two teachers that ran excellent yearly productions over a 30 year span.  Drama is offered as a course to Grade 9-12 students - they learn how to perform, create sets, and produce shows.

Art Education: Art is offered at each grade level.  Students design beautiful works of art that are often displayed around LdBSS.

Self-Directed Study

To allow students more choice and flexibility in their timetable, we offer a Self-Directed Study course each semester, which allows students to choose from dozens of courses to work on.  For more information and a complete list of courses, please see our Course Handbook under the Students section of this website.


We offer:

- Two full computer labs.
- 30+ laptops for class use; or individual sign out
- 2 Lazer colour printers
- 6 Black/White Lazer printers
- 3D Printer
- Poster Quality Full Colour printer
- iPads
- Projectors in each classroom
- SMART Boards
- 2 Apple TVs
- 32 Interactive Senteos

Learning Outside the Classroom:

We fully support learning outside the classroom initiatives.  Some initiatives that we take part in are:

- Forum for Young Canadians (Parliament Hill)
- Travel Club
- Field Trips (Human Rights Museum, Lower Fort Garry, Rainbow Stage, Flag Day Celebration - Legislative Building)
- Shakespeare plays @ MTC
- Royal Winnipeg Ballet Presentation
- ArtSpeak
- Youth Mentorship in the Arts
- U of W Enrichment Camps
- Recording at the Legislative Building
- Engineering Outreach Days
- U of M Post-Secondary Visits
- Outdoor Ed Trips (Sturgeon Tagging, Shelter Building, Hunter's Safety, Camping, Hiking, Fishing...)