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Cell Phone Guidelines



At Lac du Bonnet Senior School, we want to teach and promote appropriate digital usage and citizenship. Cell phones and mobile devices can be a temptation and distraction that disrupts learning and negatively impacts mental health.

Studies have shown that it can take the brain up to ten minutes to re-engage in tasks after responding to a cell phone distraction. Therefore, Lac du Bonnet Senior School has the following expectations with respect to devices:

  • Cell phones and mobile devices will be permitted during lunch and breaks
  • Students will place their cell phones and mobile devices in the classroom charts provided and may only be used in classrooms when permission has been granted by the teacher when all daily expectations have been completed
  • Cell phones may be used when required for health or medical purposes. Arrangements must be made with the teacher or principal prior to class which will allow the device to be placed on their teacher’s desk and the student will excuse themselves from class to answer the call.
  • Cell phones may be used to support students with exceptional needs when deemed appropriate by the teacher or principal.
  • Taking pictures or video without permission is strictly prohibited at all times and may result in removal from courses and/or suspension.

Students not following these guidelines will have their phone or device confiscated and turned into the office for the day. Students are not permitted to retrieve their device until the final bell for their school day has sounded. Should this occur a second time, devices must be retrieved by a parent. A third occurrence will result in all cell phone privileges at school being revoked which requires all devices to remain off school property or the student will be sent home for the day. Parents are expected to ensure this policy is followed to support their child’s academic and social learning.