Continued Learning at LdBSS During School Closure

As everyone is aware K – 12 schools across the province have suspended classes effective March 23, 2020 – April 10, 2020.  Staff at LdBSS have been working incredibly hard to ensure that learning continues for our students.  Your child’s teacher has been working hard to prepare lessons and learning opportunities to be completed at home.  These will be made available in a variety of formats at the discretion of each teacher.  Paper copies of learning packages will be available outside the office on Thursday, March 19, 2020.  Many teachers are also providing online options for students. We will also have drop off boxes labelled with each teacher’s name where completed work can be submitted for assessment.

We believe that communication during this time is crucial.  If you or your child have any questions, there are a number of ways to connect with the teacher.  You may call the school at 204-345-2585.  Please note you may need to leave a message due to high call volume but be assured we will contact you in a timely manner.  Many teachers also use the Remind App, Office 365, or Google Docs.  All of these have features that allow students to contact their teachers directly with any questions.  For information on logging into Office 365, please click on the Office 365 page under the student tab of this site.

You may contact your child’s teacher via email.  Staff emails are:

Chrissy Viznaugh                   Principal

Denyse Firlotte                           Secretary

Christine Robinson                 Grade 7 & 8 Resource

Megan Seddon                        High School Resource

Lisa Gow                                         Counsellor

Karen Kost                                     Alternative High School

Karen Augustine                   ELA 30S, 40S, Global Issues 40S

Kandace Balness                     Grade 8, Grade 7 Mathematics

Wayd Foxon                                Motosport 10S, 30S, 40S, Woodworking 20S

Tarryl Hodges                            Grade 8

D’Arcy McLean                         Grade 7 & 8 Band, Band 10S, 20S,

          Technology 15S, Keyboarding 25S

Daryl Nabe                                   Physics 30S, Chemistry 40S,

Paul Poirier                                Science 10F, 20F, Biology 30S, PE 40S

Angela Reid                                   Math 10F, Applied Math 30S,

          Human Ecology 30S

Becky Reynolds                      ELA 20F, History 30S

Kim Stevenson                     Essential Math 20S, Family Studies 20S,

                                                                                                 Essential Math 30S

Tabitha Shiplack                       ELA 10F, Social Studies 10F, Geography 20F,

                                                                                                 Grade 8 Mathematics

Devon Turner                            Grade 7

Amy Usackis                            Art 10F, Textile and Design 20F, Art 30S, Art 40S


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you have during this time.  I want thank all of the staff at LdBSS who have made student learning and well-being a priority and as always, go the extra mile for student success.  I also want to thank our students and parents who understand that learning can take many forms and have been extremely flexible during this time.  Please continue to check the school website and division website for further updates.

Chrissy Viznaugh

Principal, LdBSS