Bus Students:
The Sunrise School Division Transportation Department reviews all the bus routes annually.  This is to ensure that all bus routes are running efficiently and effectively.  At times we do have to make changes, which may affect families.
Bus drivers will be calling parents at the end of August regarding bussing information (pick-up times and location).  This is when you will find out if there have been any changes.
Please wait for your bus driver to call you, rather than calling the office ahead of time. Final routes are not determined until the calls are ready to be made.
Town Sites:
In September 2016, each townsite was designated a "walk zone" which identifies which addresses are eligible for bussing.  Addresses outside the walk zones will be eligible for transportation.  If a student's address falls within the designated walk zone, they are considered not eligible for bussing.
As you are aware, eligibility for transportation service is based solely on the residence of the parent/guardian and requires that the residence be beyond the designated walk zone from the designated school as determined by Sunrise School Division.
Walk zones are posted on the divisional website and adhere to the Sunrise School Division policies and the Manitoba Public Schools Act.
If you are within the designated walk zone and still are requesting bussing, please fill out a Non-Eligible form.
Please remember that unallocated seats are not assigned to non-eligible students until the last week of September each year.
Refer to the Sunrise School Division website or the Divisional "Transportation and Bussing Services: What You Need to Know" document for any additional information.