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Exam Schedule

Grade 12 Provincial Exams:
ELA 40S                    Monday, May 27-Thursday May 30
Applied Math 40S      Thursday, June 13
Day Wednesday, June 12th
Thursday, June 13th
Friday, June 14th
AM Chemistry 40S Global Issues Biology 40S
Day Monday, June 17 Tuesday, June 18 Wednesday, June 19 Thursday, June 20 Friday, June 21
Social Studies 10F
Science 20F
Essential Math 20S
History 30S
Pre-Calculus Math 30S
Keyboarding 25S
Mathematics 10F
Science 10F
Chemistry 30F
Essential Mathematics 30S
Geography 20F
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Students are expected to be familiar with our Student Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity Policy.  Both can be accessed below, or picked up at the office
Exam information will be posted here once the schedule has been determined.