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Bus Routes

With the suspension of classes, Sunrise has implemented the use of school bus routes to reach out to students.  Student work packages and personal belongings will be delivered throughout the Lac du Bonnet region on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please note the time the buses leave Lac du Bonnet Senior School and plan to meet your bus at the appropriate time. For the safety of all sunrise staff and families, please practice all recommended practices in regards to social distancing while waiting for buses and interacting with drivers.
Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work out this process.
*Departure times listed are for departure from LdBSS*
Lac du Bonnet Run #1
Route 50 Leaves LdBSS @ 9:30am
Route 45 Leaves LdBSS @ 10:00am
Route 47 Leaves LdBSS @ 10:30 am
Route 46 & 46B (Town) Leaves LdBSS @ 11:00am
Lac du Bonnet Run #2
Route 52 Leaves LdBSS @ 12:00 pm
Route 51 & 51B (Town) Leaves LdBSS @ 12:30 pm
Route 48 Leaves LdBSS @ 1:00 pm
Route 49 Leaves LdBSS @ 1:30 pm