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Student Parliament

Role/Student(s) Description


Kayla Carriere

  • Runs Meetings
  • Oversees the organization and implementation of events.
  • Checks in with other ministers; keeps them on track; reminds them of duties and deadlines.
  • Speaks at events and introduces guests at school events.
  • Attends Forum for Young Canadians

Minister of Entertainment

Bella Molinski

  • Takes an active interest and role in ensuring students have fun activities to take part in.
  • Works directly with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to ensure entertainment activities are planned, organized and implemented well. 
  • Ensures that entertainment opportunities are available for all students.

Ministers of Finance

Sara Flett

  • Responsible for budgeting and finance.
  • Keep records of money coming and money spent.
  • Reports financials at each meeting.

Ministers of School Spirit


  • Focus on ensuring all students feel accepted and have some connection to school.
  • Work directly with Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to plan, organize and implement events that help increase school spirit.

Minister of Publicity

Teghan Ancel

  • Supports the Student Council with advertising and public relations.
  • Operates and manages Student Parliament social media accounts responsibly and respectfully.

Minister of Communication

Tanya Fisher


  • Takes detailed notes
  • Attends PAC meetings when possible
  • Makes announcements
  • Shares speaking duties at events with Prime Minister.
  • Maintains Bulletin Board
  • Works with LdBSS Staff to ensure proper info is on our website

Members at Large

Hailey Metcalf

Keryn Volmering

Serena Alexander


  • Serve as representatives on other school 'clubs' in a collaborative manner to ensure proper communication and consistency in school activities and programming
  • Collaborate with Ministers.
  • Help in all areas as needed.
  • Has a voice in all decisions.
  • Volunteers at events.
  • Act as grade level representatives and ambassadors